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Aaron Tansey
September 7, 2015
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Hi Viewers and welcome to an other Video of The Week Review. I have to start of this post by saying that this weeks Video has a mature team that some viewers may find disturbing viewers discretion is advised.

This week i have chosen a short movie called Fishhook is a suspense drama about a young man confronting the pains of his past. They never come right out and say what the young man is dealing with and you are left to decide what has gone on in the past between these characters. This is why I think that two different people can watch the same film but get two different story out of it because most of the story is about what is not said in the movie.

It starts off with Brandon played by Ryan DeLuca getting a text from someone called Davey asking about Mr. Mike and this makes Brandon very worried, so he goes to confront Mr. Mike at his workshop, and the meeting dose not end well.

I taught the acting in this movie was top class the Ryan DeLuca was very good in this film he brings you into the story from the first second of the movie. Mr Mike who is played by Paul Hickert also is very good in this movie as the man that is trying to act like everything is ok and that he has done nothing wrong.

For me the cinematography is just grate the shaking of the cmara throughout symbolises the turmoil that Brandon is going through. There is no music at the start of the film until the fight and it just make it more impactful.

This film is defiantly about reading between the line and drawing your own conclusions. I think it is great film by Crown Chip Film and a very good job was done by the director Nickolas Duarte. I Am looking forward to seeing more films from these guys. Here is the Movie

What did you think about the love let me know by leaving a comment below and if you would like to submit a short movie Check out last weeks Video of The Week here. If you would like to recommend a Movie for Video of The Week get in contact with us on Facebook, Twitter or Goggle +.

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