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Aaron Tansey
September 1, 2016
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Hi and welcome to this weeks TV Rewind. If this is your first time to be reading TV Rewind then I hope you enjoy it. TV Rewind is where we take a look back at some of the shows that have come and gone off our screens over the years and this week is no different.

This week we are going back to 2004, and taking a look at Deadwood.

Deadwood is set in 1870’s Deadwood, South Dakota. This was after the civil war when South Dakota still belonged to the Native Americans, and before it was annexed to become part of the United States. Because it was not part of the States there was no law in the town of Deadwood, so the people governed themselves.

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At this time Deadwood was in the middle of the gold rush and people from all over the world came to the small mining camp to make their fortune at the mining. Then you had the people that wanted to make their money off the miners, like hotels, salons, hardware stores and so on, but in a town with no laws only the strong and the powerful will survive.

I have only started watching this show recently, but I am glad that I did start watching it because it is one of those shows that was very good but didn’t get the recognition that it deserved.

The way I would describe it would be the Sopranos in the Wilde Wilde West. It has a lot of bad language a lot of violence, and a lot of back stabbing. One of the main characters is Al Swearengen played by Ian McShane. He owns one of the Salons in Deadwood, where he offers drink, girls and gambling.

The other main character is Seth Bullock played by Timothy Olyphant. He was a law man before he and his friend Sol Star (John Hawkes) moved to Deadwood to open a Hardware store. Seth is the complete opposite to Al in every way. He believes in right and wrong and the fare deal never taking more then is owed. Naturally Seth and Al don’t get along with each other. There relationship makes for some great moments.

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There is also a lot of historical figures that show up in Deadwood. The likes of Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jean, and Wyatt Earp and more people like that.

This is one of the show that fans of crime show must watch. I highly recommend it. If you have seen Deadwood let me know what you taught of it by leaving a comment in the comment box below. There is some good news for the fans of the show a Deadwood is in the works so the story is not over yet.

If you would like to suggest a show for next weeks TV Rewind you can by leaving your suggestion in the comment box. You can also check out last weeks TV Rewind HERE. Thanks for watching until next time keep on Viewing.

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