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Aaron Tansey
August 11, 2016
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Hi and welcome to this weeks TV Rewind. If this is your first time reading TV Rewind, then welcome. The Idea of TV Rewind is to look back at some of the shows that we used to watch growing and maybe still watch today. This week is no different.

This week we are going back to 1987 and we are taking a look at Star Trek The Next Generation.

Star Trek The Next Generation was the follow up too the original Star Trek show. It first aired in 1987 and ran fro 7 years and 4 movies. The show stared Patrick Stewart, Wil Wheaten, and  Whoopi Goldberg to name a few. It was set 70 years after the end of original Star Trek finished. This was the sixth crew to take charge of the famous Enterprise.

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The show enjoyed the same success that followed the original show and became one of NBC’s most watched show on their network. It ran for  over 170 episodes.

The show was cancelled after the seventh season which was a shock to the cast and crew because it was enjoying constantly high ratings, plus the cast was contracted for an eight season. Many believe it was cancelled because the cost of wages would get to expensive also there was movies planed and the network taught the movies would perform better if there wasn’t a show on at the same time.

When the Next Generation came out it cause a divide in the Star Trek fans. They could not agree on who was a better captain, was it Captain Kirk, Star Trek Original (William Shatner) or Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) Which was your favourite let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Over all Star Trek The Next Generation was a much loved show and could have gone on for a few more seasons if it wanted. Did you watch Star Trek the Next Generation, if you did let me know what you taught about it by leaving comment below in the comment box. If you  would like to suggest a show for next weeks TV Rewind you can leave you suggestion in the comment box. You can also check out last week TV Rewind here. Thanks for reading until next time keep on Viewing.

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