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Aaron Tansey
July 21, 2016
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Its that time of the week agin, its time for this week TV Rewind, and for those of you new to TV Rewind the Idea is simple we take a look back at the shows that I used to watch when I was younger. This is the 37th edition of TV Rewind you can look back at all the other blog post here. This week the word wide phenomenon Pokemon Go was launched in Ireland and just like the rest of the world it has people out of their house chasing Pokemon in the real world, (it is a cool Idea and it gets people out and about) and then you have to train your Pokemon and become a Pokimaster (I hope I have got that right if not let me know by leaving a comment in the comment box below) what some of the younger kids might not know is that Pokemon started life as a Japanese trading card game in 1996 which what developed into a TV series in 1997. There is over 16 seasons of Pokemon made up of over 900 episodes, and 18 TV movies

I have to admit, this is one of the first TV Rewinds that I did not watch when I was child, but I have a general idea what was going on.  The show follows a young Japanese boy who want to become a Pokemon master. His first Pokemon was Pikachu. After a rocky start the two become friends and Pikachu fellows Ash on his travels through the Pokemon leagues to become a Pokemon Master. The shows are broken up into different story lines just like the video games. There was also a number of spinoffs which I know nothing about so I won’t even try and write anything about them.

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I was just a bit to old to have get into Pokemon but I remember that it was a big deal. The trading card game was just also big but nothing like the what is happing now with Pokemon Go. I can understand the appeal of Pokemon Go you get the chance to go out and become a part of the Pokemon world (if there was an app where you could become part of Power Rangers world I would download it). With the success of the Pokemon Go the show is becoming popular again also there is talk about Pokemon getting a live action movie as well.

Did you watch Pokemon when you were growing up, what did you think about it, let me know by leaving a comment below in the comment box. If you would like to suggest a show for next weeks TV Rewind you can leave you suggestion in the comment box. You can also check out last weeks TV Rewind here. Thanks for reading until next time keep on Viewing.

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