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Aaron Tansey
May 19, 2016

Hi everyone we were away for a while but we are back for a other season of TV Rewind.  You can check out all of last years TV Rewinds here. As you can see from the link we have gone through a lot of shows already but that is only the tip of the ice burg,  so sit back as we bring you a new batch of TV Rewind.

We are going to start of with a show that I was obsessed with when it when I was younger. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Yes I was obsessed with Buffy can you blame me she was a hot girl fighting vampires what was there not to like. But lets give you the background of the show for those of you who forgot about it or those of you to young to have watched the show.

The Idea behind Buffy was that the good looking blond girl was usually the one to run away for scary things and end up getting killed but creator Joss Whendon wanted to turn this notion on its head and make the good looking blond girl the hero that the scary things fare, and it worked but not straight away.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was written by Joss Whendon, who first made it into a Hollywood movie staring Kirsty Swanson. There was friction between Whendon  and the director Fran Rubel Kuzui. Whendon saw the movie as a dark horror with the girl as the hero but Kuzui saw it as pop culture comedy. The script was praised among those in the industry but the movie was slated by everyone. It looked like Buffy was dead.

But Whendon didn’t want to let it go and he took an other shoot at it this time writing it for the small screen, and the show aired on March 10 1997 and ran for 7 years when it finished up on may 20 2003. The reason the show lasted for so long was because of the writing and the way the actors interacted with each other. It was as much a comedy as it was a horror show a drama are a action show.


From the outset the show gained a large loyal audience which help the show stay on for 7 seasons. It didn’t stop when the show ended the story continued in a comic book. To this day you can find reruns of the show all over TV and there is talk of the show being turned into a film again but none of the original cast or crew will be involved, so I don’t have high hopes for this reboot.

What did you think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer let me know by leaving a comment below. If you would like to suggest a show for next weeks TV Rewind all you have to do is leave you suggestion in the comment box below. You can check out the last TV Rewind here. Thanks for reading I hope to see ye all soon until then keep on VIewing.

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