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Aaron Tansey
October 8, 2015
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Hi Viewers and welcome to an other Tv Rewind Last weeks TV Rewind was 24, check it out here, which reminded me that one of the stars of the first few seasons, Dennis Haysbert who played the president in, to star in his own show, The Unit.

The Unit ran from 2006-2009 and was about a black ops team who were sent around the world on top secret missions that no one else could do. Each week was a new mission, but also showed how the solders families dealt with leading secret lives. The show ran for 4 seasons and was cancelled in 2009 ending on a cliff hanger, with Molly Blane, giving her husband, Jonas ( the team leader) a choice her or the Unit. There was a 5 and final season planed by executive producer Shawn Ryan but it never got the green light which is a shame because it wold of being nice to see how the story ended and what happened to the characters but that is show business.

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The Unit had some grate actors in it as I said at the top Dennis Haysbert stared along side Robert Patrick, Max Martini, Scoot Foley, Audrey Marie Anderson, Abby Brammell, and Regina Taylor, to say but a few and together they made up a great with a great executive producer Shawn Ryan (the creator of The Shield).

The show had everything that I liked a lot of action and a lot of drama, and each week you got a new mission/story line, with the overall story line of family life in the Unit in the background. The way I would describe The Unit is Army Wives For the lads. Have you aver seen The Unit, let me know what you taught of it by leaving comment below. If you would like to recommend a TV Rewind you can get in touch with us on Viewit, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. You can check out last weeks TVRewind here. Thank you for reading I will see ye all next week until then keep on Viewing.

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