The Walking Dead Complants
Aaron Tansey
November 24, 2016

What’s up everyone. I was looking through Facebook last night and I cam over a story for the English Sun newspaper in which is stated that Ofcom (Ofcom are the communication regulator in Britain and they make  sure that shows adhere to the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, you can check out exactly what they are here)

It seems that thousands of complaints where made to the organisation, that the was to much violence in the walking dead season 7 opening episode. The statement released said ” We’er (Ofcom) investigating scenes of a very strong violence shortly after the 9pm watershed, and whether these scenes were Justified by the context.

I have a few questions and thoughts on this so here it goes. First of all it was on after the water shade time of 9pm so at that stage you can expect to see more mature themes on TV. So straight away I have to wonder why people were complaining.

Next The Walking Dead is a very popular show and as I said this was the start of the seventh season so it has being around for a while. As it has being on the air for quite a few years and has had a big following throughout those years I have to ask people how did you not see something like this coming. It is a horror show based in the zombie apocalypse there is going to be blood and gore.

Next point. This show is based on a comic book that has a very big readership, and this was one of the stories coved in the comic books so a lot of people already kew what was going to happen.

Ok I have covered everything I wanted to say to the people that might of being fans of the show and still have complained about it. Now onto the much more likely group of people to have complained about the show, people that might not have seen it or heard about it before.

So first of all the people that might have heard about the show and but never watched it  and taught you might take a look for the first time. IF you were at work and all your work friends were talking about the return of the walking dead and how Negan was going to kill (this would have being a big clue that there was going to be violence) and you didn’t want to be left out, so you decide to watch it.The show is called the walking dead so thats an other big clue. You still don’t have an excuse to be shocked because FX Uk puts up a warning stating that there would be strong violence for the start (this is your third and biggest clue that there will be violence in the show)

Ok this brings me onto the last group of people, the Channel suffers. These are the most likely people to have sent in a complaint about the show. They could being flicking through the channels to watch something and they might have come across the walking dead after the opening credits. I still don’t think they have a reason to complain because as you flick onto a channel it give you the name of the show that is playing and again you decide to stop and watch a show called the walking dead you can’t expect it be to a neature show.

Ok this is the end of my rant I could be wrong about this, let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment box below. Thanks for reading.


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  1. I think your right people just need to relax its just TV if you don’t want to watch it then don’t

  2. If I’m not mistaken I’ve seen this movie is really good.

  3. Life is an important thing right now, because if there is no life then what will we do ?. Then appreciate your life and others helping each other that’s the key to life.


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