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Aaron Tansey
May 16, 2016
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Last week I reported that the top 5 networks (NBC, The CW, FOX, ABC, and CBS) in the states had canceled 12 shows in one day (you can check out that post here). That was the only a small amount of what was canceled. Well the reason for this was to make room for the new shows that the networks had picked up for there fall schedule.

Last night they released of the shows that they have picked up. There is a lot of verity in the list of 43 new shows that will debut later on this year. There is comedies, Sitcoms, dramas, thrillers and even a few time traveling shows. You can check out exactly what the shows are called and who is in them, here.

I am going to look at just a few of the shows that I want to watch and the ones that I’m not that interested in. First up is a Kirsten Bell show, I haven’t haired anything about  this before today but I am a fan of bells work from Veronica Mars to House of Lies more so the latter. She is staring in a new fantasy show called The Good Place.


Next up is 24. I loved 24 when Kiefer Sunderland played Jack Bauer so I was interested to hear that Fox is bringing it back with a whole new cast. The story line sounds familiar as a veteran returning home finds him self in trouble and turns to CTU for help sounds a bit like Homeland I think but that could just be me.


Next up is A.P.B staring Justin Kirk  (Weeds) as a billionair who lost his wife to a violent crime so he buys in trouble police precinct as he puts his unorthodox skills to use trying to fix the precinct.


There is also a few show that I am not to sure about. The first show is based on the film the Exorcist. I liked the movie and it still scares the carp out of me when ever I watch it but I think that when you turn it into a show it will just lose all of its scarceness  but I could be wrong.  I think I will give it a chance and watch a few shows.


Lethal Weapon is an other film getting the small screen treatment again I think this might fall flat on its face. All you have to do is look at Rush Hour show and how well it is NOT doing in the ratings.  I think the same fate might be in store for Lethal Weapon buddy cop films like these are very hard to replicate this on the small screen.

images.jpg lw

The last show that I am not sure will work is Time After Time.  This tells the story of H.G. Wells adventures with his time machine. The twist, yes there has to be a twist as if H.G Wells with a time machine isn’t a big enough twist, Jack the Ripper gets his hands on the machine and uses it to get away from Scotland Yard. so then the chase is on.

516902226.jpg HG Wells

That is only a small bit of what was announced yesterday. you can follow the link at the start of the post to get the full list of 43 new shows debuting later this year. What do you think let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading I hope to see ye all back soon until then keep on Viewing.

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