Independence Day Resurgence Review
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Aaron Tansey
July 2, 2016
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Ok so as most of you might have noticed I give most movies mostly positive reviews mainly because I like it but some times I don’t like them and I try really hard to find some good points about the movie because I would hate if something I said stopped you form seeing a movie. This is something that I will not be doing wight this review of Independence Day Resurgence.

First of all the plot of the movie the Alines are come back (yet everyone is surprised) the Alines have more fire Power then the humans and all looks lots, ok well this is a waste of time if you have seen the first movies (which I still enjoy today) then you will have seen the second movies as they didn’t try very hard to change the story line at all they just got more money to make the movie. Right so you have the plot now time for the review.

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First of all not getting Will Smith back was a big mistake. Now I have heard it was down to scheduling issues but I have also heard it was down to not being able to afford him. If it was me making that movie I would have cut back on the special affects to cover his bill, but instead they broke up his sense of humer, his smoothness, and general presence into 3 different characters and it did not work. Second of all I have made a few short movies and one thing that I have noticed is that I get really attached to them and I want to make them as good looking as possible I put everything that I have into them ( now it doesn’t always work out but at least I tried), well I did get the felling that the director put any love into this movie it was simple, it was a money making exercise for both the director and the studio. made even more apparent with the way being cleared for more Independence Day Movies to be made.

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I could go on and on bashing this movie but my Granny always said if you haven’t anything nice to say don’t say anything at all (but i think she would even say that this movie sucked). I’m sorry if this review makes anyone made but I am made because I was looking forward to this movie and I was let down. Let me know what you taught about the movie by leaving comment below in the comment box. Thanks for reading until next time Keep on Viewing.

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Saturday Night Stay in Movie
Anime Children/Family
Aaron Tansey
April 3, 2015
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I was trying to figure out what this weeks Saturday Night Stay in Movie should be, It being Easter weekend after all, and I wasn’t sure what it should be and at first I was thinking about Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, but it is a very heavy movie so I taught I would try and get one for the parents and the kids, so I went through a lot of movies like, Cat in The Hat, Hop, and then I seen this one and I taught  this might be best for everyone this weekend Toy Story. It’s not strictly an Easter movie but it should do the trick to calm the kids down before the Easter bunny comes, and most adults would like it as well.

download.jpg Toy Story

Toy Story was the first movie from the new company Pixar. Staring the voice of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. Toy Story was one of the biggest movies of the 90’s and if you ask anyone born in the 80’s or 90’s they will all tell you they know of Toy Story. I would be shocked If they haven’t seen it.

Toy Story is a great story of what happens to your toy when you are not in the room Spoiler they come to life and discuss how best to make happy. I don’t know about you but I used to imagine that my toy would come to life when I fell asleep.


This was one of the films of my childhood. It stands the test of time and with 2 sequels the story keeps going. I give it 4 out of 5. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. if you would like to suggest a movie for next weeks Saturday Night Stay In Movie comment below. You can check out last weeks Movie here. Thanks For reading. See ye all next week until then keep on Viewing



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Hercules 2014 review
Action Blog
Aaron Tansey
February 20, 2015
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I checked out Hercules 2014 staring the Drawn the rock Johnston. Now when this film came out it the cinema it got slated in by critics and it didn’t preform well in its domestic market. I must admit i didn’t go and see it because i went to see the legend of Hercules which was released before it and it was so shocking bad that it just put me off the idea of Hercules as a story, but fast forward a few months and I finally work up the will to sit through it.

download.jpg Hercules 2

Now I was told when I was young if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all but that would make this a very short review. I will say what was good about the film first. There was some funny moments throughout the movie mainly provided by Ian McShane who play Amphiaraus, one of the older members of the team who can see the future and see how he dies so he fights with reckless abatement.

images.jpg Hercules

That was the food things I liked about it now the things I taught that was wrong with it. There was no set story line, it felt like the writers were in a hurry, which they could have being because of the other Hercules movie out the only weeks beforehand if you asked me they should have taken their time and wrote a better script and done the film better plus it would have put some distance between the two films.

The acting also was a let down, it felt like the rock was there to just collect the pay check and go again. He put in a better performance in the tooth fairy.

My expectations was low going into this film and I think that is why I was able to sit through it If I was in any way looking forward to this film I would of being highly disappointed.

I give this film 2 out of 5

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Sports movies
Aaron Tansey
February 2, 2015
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There are a few things in the world that grabs the peoples attention for prolonged periods of time, music, sports and movies. So what happens when you put all of these things together, you get one of the biggest genre of film the sports movie.

There has been some grate sports movies made over the years, all the Rocky’s, The Longest years and Happy Gilmore covering boxing American Football and Golf.

So here is my top five sports movies

5. Warrior. Some people have said that this is the Rocky of mixed martial arts, with some of the best fight scenes around. Like any good sports movie the thing that makes it good is the back story with the sports as only a small part of the film. This is a story about an army vet return to his alcoholic father who ripped his family apart with his drinking, to lie low for a few days. He joins a gym and ends up beating a world contender for the middle weight title which gets him into the biggest martial arts tournament in the world and he get his father to train him. Then you have is brother who was a mma fighter but quit after getting badly beating in his last fight. He makes a come back to raise money to stop the bank from foreclosing on his house.

4. Invictus. with Morgan freeman as Nelson Mandela, Matt Damon as South African captain Francois Pienaar, and  Clint Eastwood as the director this film could not fail. This is the true story about South Africa won the rugby world cup and how this team brought a nation together after years being torn by apartheid.

3. Coach Carter. This is an about coach Ken Carter the head coach of Richmond High’s Basketball team and his struggle to try and better his teams life by instilling discipline and had work so the can stay away from gangs and get good jobs and become successful in life outside of basketball. With Samuel L. Jackson as Ken Carter it is a grate watch.

2. Remember the Titans. This is the true story of a high school football team that have to deal with the end of segregation and a new African-American head coach as well. with Denzel Washington as head coach Herman Boone and Will Patton as assistant coach Bill Yoast, there are grate performance to make a grate movie

1.The Blind side. The story line is about Michael Oher an offensive lineman a who played for the Baltimore Ravens. The film show Oher’s poor upbringing to his adoption by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy and how they help him with his grades and his football to become one of the most sought after prospects in college football.  There was some standout performance with Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy who won 6 best Actress awards including an Oscar. Also Quinton Aaron as Michael Big Mike Oher did a grate job with his carter

If there is any movies you think should be in the list let me know

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