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Aaron Tansey
May 7, 2016
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Hi everybody how are you all keeping. It has being a while since I have done one of these but there has been so many people asking for me to bring it back I couldn’t ignore any more, so here it is the second season of Saturday Night Stay In Movie, I hope you enjoy. So the first movie that I am going to recommend for the Saturday Night Stay In Movie is the 2011 Real Steel, staring Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo and Evangeline Lilly.

Not a lot of people seem to know about Real Steel, to tell you the truth I’m not surprised because it is a filling about faint radio controlled robots in a boxing ring. Tell you the truth I didn’t want to watch it either. In the end i was talked into watching it and I tell you this I am glad they did talk me into watching this movie because it was really good.

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Hugh Jackman plays a retired prizefighter (retired because boxing was band). Instead of humans fighting giant robots get in the ring to duke it out and they are controlled by remote control. It is big money which takes Jackman all around the country. There is a spanner throwing in the works when Jackmans son comes to visit and ends up being brought to these fights as well.

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Ok so I have talked al lot about  the fighting robots, (but that is because its is cool) but this is not the main part of the story. The robots are just the back drop to the main story of a man trying to find common ground with his sun and survive in a world that he is not quite sure he wants to be in.

As always Jackman is outstanding in this movie and you cant help but like his character even though he is clearly flawed. Goyo also puts in a good performance as the son who brings his father kicking and screaming into the new world. Over all this a good movie that if you have not seen yet you should defiantly watch. You can even show it to the kids they will really like the robots. I give this movie 4 out 5.

Let me know what you taught of it by leaving a comment below. you can also check out the last Saturday Night Stay In Movie here. If you would like to suggest a movie for next weeks Saturday Night Stay In Movie just leave your suggestion in the comment box below. Thanks for reading I will see ye all next week, until then keep on Viewing.

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Video of The week
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Aaron Tansey
September 15, 2015
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Hi Viewers and welcome to this weeks Video of The Week. I went back over all the Videos of The Week and I noticed that I have never had a short documentary as the Video of The Week, so I went looking for one and this is what I came up with, A short documentary called The Art of Fighting. It is directed by Gavain Browne and produced by Alex Barnes and Gavain Browne. It tells the story of a refugee Hussain Sadiqi who fled the remote mountains of central Afghanistan as the Taliban stepped up their violin persecution of his people. This was to be the start of Hussain’s epic 20000km journey to Australia. 10 years later, this self confessed “nomad” is about to give up his new life in his new country to pursue a life long dream – a dream that was born over 20 years ago, when young Hussainn first saw a torn and battered picture of his life long hero, Bruce Lee.

This documentary has been selected in over 15 festivals and nominated for four awards and one award, Audience Award – Best Film, 2012 West End Film Festival. This doc is shoot beautifully, and is so well told it is hard to believe that is only 11 minutes long. It also a tale of hope even having to flee his country Hussain was able to follow his dreams, which show no mature what your situation is as long as you want something bad enough and you are willing to work hard for it, any thing is possible.

Have a look at it and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below also check out last weeks Video of The Week here. Thanks for reading I will see ye all next week until then keep on Viewing.


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Video of The Week
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Aaron Tansey
August 24, 2015
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This weeks Video of The Week is called Incictus. It is about a young man training for a boxing match. There is a voice over as you see the man training and it saying how there will be people out there that want you to fail, but that it is the strength in you heart that will help you go on and that you should never give up.

I like this film it is very short but it a good film. First off is the music suits the film brilliantly it starts of nice and low and picks up throughout the film. It was a good choice by the film maker. The script is very good, It very much an inspirational video but it still tells the story of a struggle the boxer is having with himself and how he is trying to keep going. The shoots look grate with some grate backgrounds. It gives you a felling that he is from a small town and that he is fighting to get out and make something better of himself.

I think this is a good film but it would have been better as an ending of a longer film. It would have hit home more if there was a back story of the boxer training for a fight an maybe losing it and this was his way of getting back up again but that is just my opinion.

Let me know what you taught of it by leaving a comment below, and if there is a short film you would like to recommend for Video of The Week let get in contact on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for reading I will see ye all next week until then keep on Viewing.


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