Which is your favourite Batman
Aaron Tansey
May 30, 2016
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After seeing Batman vs Superman and the praise for Ben Affleck for his portrayal of the Dark Night I wasn’t convinced that it earned the title of the best Batman ever, so I decided to take a look back at the other actors who played Batman before Affleck and I knew that there was a few of them but I was shocked by exactly how may people did play Batman. The official count to dat is 9, yes 9, now forgive my ignorance but I taught the first I taught the first Batman was played by Adam West in 1966, Well I was wrong there was 2 Batmen before West wight the first one donning the suit in 1943. He was 23 year old Lewis G Wilson. Wilson was not received well by anyone with the range of complaints spanning him being too young to him having a Boston accent. He only lasted 15 episodes.

The next man to step up and take a shoot at the Dark Night was Robert Lowery who stared in the 1949 movie Batman and Robin. Lowery did reprise his role in 1956 for an episode of The Adventures of Superman which marked the first time that the two heroes shared the screen together. Up next is where my knowledge of the Batmen starts with Adam Wests 1966 show simply called Batman. The show was famous for the over the top acting and camp style of acting but in the 90’s the show gained a cult following thanks to reruns. The show went off the air in 1968.

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That leads us to what people like to call the modern age of Batman. It started off with Michael Keaton. This was the first movie to take a slightly darker look at at the Batman. Keaton was praised by many for his portal of Batman but he turned down the chance to return for a second movie. Next up to put on the cape was Val Kilmer in Batman Forever in 1995. Kilmer got mixed reviews as Batman but after a lot of on set problems Kilmer was to be a one and done Batman, Which leads us to what nearly everyone says is the worst Batman ever Im not sure those people know about the 1943 Batman but we can’t talk about that an other day, George Clooney. It was said that Clooney had the Charming side of Bruce Wayne down but he was unable to pull of the the dark side of the Batman. I enjoyed the the movie but I was 10 at the time so I was easily impressed. Everyone else was not so impressed and said that Clooney had killed the franchise.

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Then eight years later Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale joined forces to reboot the franchise with great success in 2005 with Batman Begins which gained critical and commercial success, and they teamed up again in in 2008 for The Dark Knight and then again in 2012 for The Dark Night Rises. The trilogy was a huge success and Bale was offered a lot of money to keep going as the Batman but he turned it down over fares of being typed cast. The Batman mantel the fell to Will Arnett who voiced Batman in the smash hit movie the Lego Movie. After Will came Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman. The film was savaged by critics with the exception of Affleck’s performance. He has also landed his own stand alone Batman Movie.

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There you go 9 Batmen I think my favourite is Bale and in the Dark Knight Trilogy but I don’t know if it would have worked as well with out Nolan as the director but that is just me. What do you think who is your favourite Batman let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading until next time keep on Viewing.

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Reality TV, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Blog Documentary
Aaron Tansey
June 6, 2015
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I was flicking around TV the other night when i noticed that there is a lot of reality TV shows around these days and that ok because there is a lot of people out there that like to watch other peoples lives which is ok but some of the show are pretty bad so I decided that I would do write a short article about them and call it The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

First up is the good. This is what I would call good. One of my favourites is Gold Rush which fellows the gold season in the Klondike, Alaska as 3 groups of miners try and find their fortune hidden in the dirt. Next is Ice Road Truckers (IRT) It features the activities of drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes crossing frozen lakes and rivers in remote Arctic territories in Canada and Alaska. Then there is one of the most popular reality shows around Deadliest Catch. It has just started its 11 season and fellows about 7 boats as they fight the bearing sea to get their shear of the king crab and opie carbs worth millions.

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The Bad first of all we have Keeping up with the Kardashians which for the life of me I cant  understand why people like it but that what is grate about TV there is something for everyone and this one is just not for me. The Show focuses on the personal and professional lives of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Next is the really house wives (of anything) a show we can blame on the TV show Housewives. The Real Housewives has 7 different shows set throughout the states. The show documents the lives of several rich housewives let the drama begin. The last of this section is The Bachelor/Bachelorette these show really piss me off as it sets 25 men or women agents each other to try and win the heart of the good looking and rich Bachelor/Bachelorette. How any one can fall in love in such circumstances I don’t no but I cant see how people want to watch it, it would be like a car crash you know you shouldn’t be looking at it but you do it anyway.

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So now we come to the last section, Ugly. First up is Teen Mom. Now my only hope for this show is that the Teen Moms get money to help look after there kids and if they do then fare play for doing whatever it take to look after you kids but if you get on camera and shout and scream at the boy friends parents and friends and do it for free then I take issues with that because of the small bit of this that I have watched that all I see (this is just my opinion). Next in the ugly section is Honey BooBoo now I cant speak to much about this because i have never watched it but from what I have heard and seen (from adds) this show is all about making fun of the people that the show is about.


I have saved the worst to last and this comes from Czech Republic it is called Holiday in the Protectorate. The Plot of the show centres around a family placed in a cottage isolated in the middle of the forest. During their two month stay in the cottage  the family must face difficult conditions reminiscent of real war tie atmosphere. They are threatened by attacks of Gestapo. To say that this is in bad taste is an understatement it is a shoe that should have never had made it past the pitching room.


So there you go that is my pick of the good the bad and the ugly what do you think of if do you think there should be more shows in the there. let me know.

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Is Their Any Original Hollywood Film Ideas Out There
Aaron Tansey
November 22, 2014
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Now this is the first time I have ever wrote any thing and put it out there for everyone to see so  I apologise for it sucking. I would also like to point out that this is just my opinion and I an open to being corrected.

I would like to talk about Hollywood for a few minuets and what seem to be a lack of original ideas. What I mean is a movie that wasn’t a book,comic book, TV show or the one that is pissing me of remakes of movies from else where in the world like the planed remake of The Raid. The Raid is an Indonesian film which received wide spread praise from movie critics and cinema goers alike. When Sonny both the North american writes to distribute it, they seen the their chance to make a quick buck so one of their subsidiary companies Screen Gems both the rights and went into preproduction for the American market.

Now don’t get me wrong I love the movies coming out of Hollywood at the moment like pretty much anything newcomers Marvel studios have done to date minus The Hulk. They do have a wealth of materials to work from as Marvel have being making comics since 1939, so all there projects already come with their own storyboard, which make things a bit easer. As much as I like these they are not original Ideas.

Then there is the remake of classic films like the 1984 movie Red Dawn. I did enjoy the 2012 remake until I seen the original film which I found to be much better acted and directed.

One of the remakes that I found more entertaining was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I enjoyed the original ( which was take from a Roald Dahl story so Not Original ) but the remake with Johnny Depp I found to be more enjoyable mainly because of Johnny Depp and David Kelly who was one of the best Irish actors ever.

There is only a few big films that I can think of which seem to be original ideas the likes of, Taken the Liam Neeson action thriller, and 2012 the John Cusack end of the world epic. I’m sure there is others out there.

To me it just seems that you are more likely to see a film with based on the best seller or a remake ect. some of these films can be very good but it would be nice to see an original film idea that was conceived by a script writer but that could just be me.

The problem is that the studios see best sellers as an easy way to make money and they are right because when you make a movie from an old film are a best selling book you know that there is already a fan base there to make money from.

There is a lot and I mean a lot more remakes and made from books out there so if there is any good or bad out there that you feel should have been maintain, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Also if you can think of any other original films do let me know as well.


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Funding in Modern Film
World Cinema
Aaron Tansey
November 20, 2014
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In the recent economic downturn society, both public and private, has had to revaluate its spending which has logically allocated resources away from the creative arts, not out of need but out of necessity. Without going into the philosophies of why, as a species we create art, let us simply say that it’s in our nature .
Considering these two facts modern artists are faced with a looming problem , monetary funds for their creative processes, some fields have a much lower material cost such as painters and writers and thus can still practise their art with minimal monetary funds. Film makers on the other hand are faced with a much steeper cost.

The cost of a days shooting for one or two scenes can be intimidating, considering the rental price of a decent spec camera, sound equipment, hardware, whether or not you’re paying the actors, food, transport etc . its a steep challenge to pull together a high quality piece of cinema without a sizable investment.
In this regard artistic licence can take over, without a large pool of funds to fall back on a creative film maker can improvise with various methods such as splicing home movies and playful recordings amongst friends to tell the story of a certain individual (Exit through the gift shop) or taking a handheld camera and creating an impromptu first person journey( Blair witch project) .

Improvisation can only take you so far however, doubly so when the director has a very specific idea in mind, in this stalemate, a little cash goes a long way, and the forms of funding available to aspiring filmmakers are public and private.
Public funding ranges from government grants to public donations, whereas private investment  includes one or a group of investors, businesses  or hedge funds.

Now herein lies the problem , whether the aspiring film maker applies for arts council grants, hustles together some cash or gets sponsorship, the true test is not to lose sight of the goal, to tell a story.

Some fine examples of how to lose credibility as a film maker in each of the previously listed investments are as follows

  • “The Room” , This film was funded by producer,director and actor Tommy Wiseau who claims to have financed this terrible film by importing and selling leather jackets from Korea. He refuses to further elaborate on this.
  • Any film by Uwe Boll. The German film financing board has a lot to answer for.
  • Transformers 3 by Michael Bay. Over use of product placement killed any immersion in a film series that had already lost momentum

Realistically film funding is an important aspect of the art of cinema but nowhere near as important as artistic integrity, a single scene can be shot on high definition video or a camera phone and both have the potential to move audiences.



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