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Aaron Tansey
November 16, 2015
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I want to talk to you about fan made movies. There as being a huge uptake in the amount of fan made movies out there. This has being helped by a number of factors, the prince on equipment coming down, social media, and video shearing website. All these things together have give rise to the fan made film.

What is a fan made movie, well it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a movie made by fans the way they think it should be made. One of the earliest fan made movie i remember hearing about was based on Joss Whedon’s western Si-Fi show Firefly, the show was cancelled after only 1 season which made a lot of people mad. There was a campaign to get the show back on the air but wham that failed the fans took it upon them selfs not to let it die, so a group came together and wrote a script and financed a movie them selfs and called it Browncoast: Redemption here is the trailer for it.

On of my favourite fan made movies was out earlier this year. It was a R-rated movie about the Power Rangers and what was life like fro the world and the Rangers now that they were all grown up. It was not good because they had lost the war here is the short movie

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It was Directed by Joseph Kahn and stared James Van Der Beek and Katee Scakhoff. When it was realised back in February the internet went crazy and has over 16 million views on Youtbe.

One of the latest fan made movie out is of Spiderman. Based on the comics story line of when Peter Parker dies and a new spiderman is found. It has not taken off like some other fan made movies but it has got over 200,000 views in the last few days. have a look at it and let me know what you think.

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What do you think about fan made films do you think it should be left to the pros or are they fan made movies better then what Hollywood dose. My self I think some of the Fan made films are better then the Hollywood films because the fans don’t have to worry about who the might offend if they say a line in a certain way or if they cast a charter a certain way, in short they have ore freedom to do it the way they want it done. Here is a top 10 list from Listverse and what they think is 10 fan made films that are better then the Hollywood films.

Let me know what you think about Fan made movie by leaving a comment below.

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