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Aaron Tansey
May 8, 2015
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Its time for this weeks Saturday Night Stay In Movie and this week we have picked a cult classic from the comedy troop knowing as  Broken Lizard Club, it is of course the 2001 hit comedy Super Troopers. The movie takes place in the small fictional town of Spurbury Vermont near the Canadian border and centers on five Vermont state troopers who decides that having fun and pulling pranks is more important than actual police work, with most of their time messing with the people they pull over and the rest of their time fighting with the local Spurbury Police Department.


The film was written and directed by the Broken Lizard Club Jay Chandrasekhar who also stared in the movie. This is a good movie to watch once you put the kid to bed as I would not class it as kid friendly.

The Broken Lizard have about seven movies made to date but Supper Troopers is my favorite. I just love the stupid jokes and there juvenile behavior. I am fully aware that it will not be everybody’s cup of tea but give it a go you might be surprised. I will recommend leaving don’t go into this one trying to find any hidden meanings it is a straight up and down piss take.


Let me know what you taught of the film by leaving a comment below you can also check out last weeks Saturday Night Stay In Movie here. If you would like to suggest a movie for next week leave a comment with you suggestion below. Thanks for reading see ye all next week until then keep on Viewing.


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  1. excelent film broken lizard are a very funny group


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