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Aaron Tansey
August 26, 2016
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Hi and welcome to this weeks Saturday Night Stay In Movie (S.N.S.I.M). For those of you that don’t know what the S.N.S.I.M is I will tell you.

On a Saturday night there are two groups of people. The first group are the ones that go out and party with their friends are just go out for dinner with their partners. The second group of people are the ones that stay in on a Saturday night for what ever reason. Well I write this blog of the second group of people.

I chose a movie that you can watch to pass the time. This week is no different.

This week I am going with a classic family favourite, Shrek.

It has been over 15 years since the release of Shrek in cinemas, and everyone fell in love with Donkey and Sherk and Fiona. I don’t think there is many people out there that hasn’t seen Shrek but just in case here is the ruff outline of the story.

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Shrek is an ogre that live in a swamp and he loves how quite it is until the swamp get over run by fairy tails that have got kicked out of the nearby by Lord Fraquaad. To save his home and Shrek makes a deal with Fraquaad to rescue Princess Fiona who is trapped in a tower protected by a dragon. Shrek sets on his quest to save Fiona and he has unlikely sidekick for his mission, a talking Donkey.

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This is the sort of movie that the whole family can sit down and enjoy together. Mike Myers voices Shrek with Eddy Murphy as Donkey and Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona. As I said the movie is great but it also has a brilliant sound track as well, so you will be laughing and tapping you foot along to the songs.

The first Shrek movie took in over 480 million at the world wide box office which made sure that there was going to be more Shrek movies and there was. There was four more movies and a spin off movie in Puss in Boots.

I think this is one of my favourite animated movies of the 2000s. It s funny both kids and adults can enjoy it over all its a great family movie to sit down and watch on a saturday night.

If you have seen Shrek before let me know what you taught of it by leaving a comment in the comment box  below. If you would like to suggest a movie for next weeks S.N.S.I.M you can leave your suggestion in the comment box. You can also check out last weeks S.N.S.I.M HERE. Thanks for reading until next week keep on Viewing.

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