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Aaron Tansey
July 8, 2016
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Hi and welcome to this week Saturday Night Stay In Movie. For those of you who might not know what the Saturday Night Stay In Movie is, It is pretty simple. There is two types of people on a Saturday night, the ones that go out drinking and partying and then the ones that end up staying in for what ever reason. Well This blog is for the second group of people on a saturday night. I recommend a movie that you can watch by yourself or with your family.

This week I am recommending the 2011 The Three Musketeers. This is my favourite Musketeers movie and with a cast like Milla Jovovich, Orlando Bloom, Ray Stevensons, Luck Evans, Matthew MacFadyen, and Logan Lerman. This is a very much over the top version of the Musketeers with bright costumes flying machines and the likes. At this stage the Musketeers have being remade so many time it is hard to find some one that docent know about the Musketeers. Im not to sure but I have seen in a few places that the first movie was made in a silent movie in 1911 and a number of movies have been made since placing the characters in different situations but always with the same group of Musketeers involved.

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The storyline of the movie is that the Musketeers are involved in a secrete war with the English who are looking for a reason to invade France and with the use of spies the English hatch a plan to get their war with France. Thats it really there is now oscar moments in this movie but it looks good, It has a lot of humour in it and the fight scenes are very well choreographed and it is entertaining to watch. If you like sword fights then this is the one for you.

If you have seen The Three Musketeers 2011 let me know what you taught of it by leaving a comment in the comment box below. If you would like to pick next weeks Saturday Stay In Movie next week you can leave you suggestion in the comment box. You can check out last weeks Saturday Night Stay In Movie here. Thanks for reading until next time keep on Viewing.

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