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Aaron Tansey
November 19, 2015
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Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks New Releases USA. There are 7 new movies out this week and as usual we are going to take a look at 3 of them. This week we start with the final chapter of The Hunger Games Series, Mockingjay part 2. A lot of fans of the teen series will be sad to see it come to an end as too will Lionsgate as the franchise has grossed over $2 billion world wide so fare with the last instalment looking like it will be the highest grossing movie in the series. There is a whole lot of stores lines to wrap up but one thing is for certain it will be a great ending.

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Up next is the latest Seth Rogen  movie, The Night Before. To the best of my knowledge this is the first festive movie of the season. 3 friends has a Christmas tradition of spending the night before Christmas trying to find the best every Christmas party the results of their journey is funny and very much not for the kids this is a mammy and daddy movie along the same lines as Bad Santa.

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Last up is the British crime thriller Legend. It is about real life gangsters the Kray brothers who ran the crime empire in east London with an iron first. Tom Hardy plays both brothers in this movie and reviews of his performance are very good. This movie is on limited releases this week but I think it will be given a country wide releases so due to the good performance of the movie in Europe


Also out this week is Secret in Their Eyes, Carol, #Horror, and Mediterranea. Will any of these films  knock Spectre off the top spot (see this weeks top 10 here), we will have to wait and see. If you go and see any of these movies let us know what you taught of it by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading I will see ye all next time until then keep on Viewing.

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