Netflix Brings back Gilmore Girls
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Aaron Tansey
October 22, 2015
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Gilmore Girls fans received so good news a Netflix is bring backThe Gilmore Girls for a limited series.

The Gilmore Girls first aired in 2000 and ran for 7 years ending in 2007 spanning 7 seasons and over 150 episodes, it gained a huge following which stood by it even when it was off the air. There was a rumors a few months ago about a revival but but it was not confirmed  till now, check out the article here.

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This is not the first show that Netflix has brought back to life like Longmire, The Killing, and Arrested Development which seem to be doing well for Netflix (but they never release viewing numbers So we don’t know). This will give fans hope for other cancelled shows like Firefly and the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Both which gained a big loyal fan base but were never given a chance to find there feet.

Is there a show you would like to see come back let me know here by leaving a comment below

Here is the full article of the Gilmore Girls Story on TV Line.



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