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Aaron Tansey
August 31, 2016
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Hi everyone and welcome to an other My Opinion. This week I will be giving My Opinion on the battle between Marvel and DC. This riverily has been going on for a long time. DC Comics was created in 1934 while Marvel was created in 1939.

We are not here to talk about the comics, Im here to talk about the TV shows and movies.

DC was the first to turn one of its comics into live action show. It did so in 1943 with Batman, but it only ran for 1 season. For years DC put out movies and TV shows while Marvel mainly stuck to comic books. That all changed in 2008 with the release of Iron Man staring Robert Downey Jr.

This was the first movie from Marvel Studios in what they like to call the Marvel Universe. The idea behind the Marvel Universe is that all the movies they make will be tied together with the characters like Iron Man, showing up in a Captain America movie and so on. This was one of the first times for a studio to do this ( I could be wrong here let me know by laving a comment below)

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DC on had being putting out stand alone movies for a while with varying degrees of success. With some good movies like RED, Losers, and the Batman Trilogy. They have also had a lot of failures as well with the likes of Green Lantern, Batman VS Superman and Steel.

From this DC has taken a page from Marvels book and decided make their own shared movie universe. Which started with Batman VS Superman. The movie had one of the biggest opening weeks of the year, but sadly that is where the good news stopped. It got slammed by critics and it had a drop of in revenues of nearly %70. It needed to take in over 800 million to break even. It took in 875 million. 75 million is nothing to turn your nose up at but in movie terms it isn’t a great return.

On the other side nearly every Marvel movies have being making money hand over first and it just keeps building.

DC has had a saving grace in its universe in the from of Suicide Squad, which was again slammed by critics but the fans loved it bringing its profit to over 300 million. DC looks to bring this success to its planned movies in the universe like the Batman movie, a Wonder Woman movie, a Flash movie, Aquaman movie and then bringing all this characters together for a one giant movie, The Justice League.

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This is what Marvel did with the Avengers. In my opinion Marvel has the upper hand when it comes to the big screen. This is not the only place where Marvel and DC go head to head.

The two companies also have TV shows based on their characters. DC have Arrow, The Flash, Supper Girl, and Legends of Tomorrow. All these show interact with each other like the movies but they are kept separate from the movie world and in some cases like the flash you have different actors playing the same character in the movie world and the TV world.

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Where in contrast to this you have the Marvel TV world which consist of Agents of Shield, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luck Cage, Punisher, Iron Fist and The Defenders. These shows run in the same world as the movies. This is something I like because when the movies are over you can watch the shows and feel like the story is still progressing.

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In my opinion I think that the Marvel Universe is better then the DC Universe, mainly because Marvel did a better job in plaining it out their universe, and DC are now trying to play catch up and are putting anything they can out there with out putting the proper plaining into it. In saying that Marvel is coming to the end of its planed movie slate and it hasn’t giving us much insight on what it is going to do to continue the story, where as I said DC is only starting out and it still has time to get its house in order and make a good Universe.

There you have it for a other week. Let me know what you think of My Opinion by leaving a comment in the comment box below. you an also check out last weeks In My Opinion HERE. Thanks for reading until next time keep on Viewing.

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