Central Intelligence Review
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Aaron Tansey
July 13, 2016
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Hi everyone I went to see Central Intelligence a few weeks ago but I forgot to write up the review about it (that might give you some indication on how this review is going to go). First of all the rock is one of the biggest action stars on the plant at the moment and Kevin Heart is one of the funniest comedians on the plant at the moment so it wold make sense to put them in a movie together and see what happens. well what happened was they took a ordinary script and turned it in big summer hit, pulling in over $150 million at the world wide box office, not a bad days work for the boys.

Here is the plot Kevin Heart plays Clavin Joyner who was good at everything in high school and was voted most likely to succeed and he went on to marry his high school girlfriend and become an accountant but Clavin always felt like he was destined for greater things and has become annoyed with his life. The Rock plays Bob who was the over weight kid in high school who didn’t have any friends and was bullied by the popular kids which all came to a head when he was throwing naked into the gym in front of the whole school. Well he turned his life around and lost all the weight and became an CIA agent. After 20 years Bob get in contact with Clavin and get him to help him with a case he is working and that is when things start to go wrong.

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At the start of the movie I didn’t think the Rock and Heart played well off each other but as the movie progressed it felt more natural. I think if any other two actors were cast in this movie it would have been a disaster, because the story line felt like it has being done before which it has been by every other buddy movie ever made all you have to do is look back at Kevin Heart in Ride A Long 1 and 2 which again they were funny to watch but just the once and I wouldn’t have being to mad if I didn’t see them.

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Now I could have been a bit harsh on this but just because you have some big names in a movie doesn’t mean you have an instant hit on your hands, you still need to work on a good script develop some of the supporting characters around the stars and so on but that could be just me. Let me know what you taught about Central Intelligence by leaving a comment in the comment box below. Thanks for reading, until next time keep on Viewing.

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