My Film Diary: The Weekend
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Aaron Tansey
February 8, 2016
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It has been a while but Im back to continue My Film Diary the making of The Weekend (Check out the film here). Just to recap where we left off last time, we were in the middle of shooting an unscripted scene and I was called off set to talk to Gards who wanted to talk to me (check out the last instalment here).

I went up to the Garda car, I was worried that they would shout done the shoot because I had never let them know that I was going to be shooting a movie up here, But it was so quite and late at night that I never taught that there would be anybody up there never mind the Gards. As I said I was worried because I didn’t know what they ware going to do. Thankfully they were very sound and were even have a bit of a laugh with us. They just asked what we were doing and then they asked if they could be in it. So in the end we just moved the cars off the road and they went about there business.

After they had gone we went back and finished shooting the new scene and we started setting up the next scene. This is when the catering van pulled up with the food which was just in time because it was getting really cold and I mean really cold. This is when Sharon and Ruth stared making hot whiskeys (life savers).  After that we pushed on with shooting. It kept getting colder as the night went on so at this stage we put on all the cars air con and whoever wasn’t involed in the scene at that time would be in the car trying to get worm (An other thing I learned from making this movie is make sure you have a way to keep your cast and crew worm because it will get very cold especially in Ireland in the middle of September). It got so cold at one stage that I gave the cast and crew a choice to go home and try and finish it an other night and all credit to them they said that they would finish the shoot now because they wouldn’t be able to get everyone together to finish the movie.

I was happy to hear that they would finish it that night but I did start to rush through the scenes to try and get them fished in time (An other thing I learned is don’t rush through shooting because you will make mistakes more on that later). So after we got all the camp site scenes done it came to the last part of the movie which was being shoot in POV.  For this last scene I had got some props, sheep guts. Now I got this from a friend that owned a slaughter house but the only time he had fresh guts was 3 days before the shoot so the guts had to sit in my fridge at home fro 3 day before the shoot, they did not keep as well as I taught they would so the smell was really bad (an other thing I learned was not to keep guts in my fridge)

Because the smell was so bad I wouldn’t let anyone help me set up the last scene so I sent everyone to the cars to worm up while I set things up. After I had it all done I called everyone back to finish the movie and we got the last scene done in a half hour. Because it was POV I was able to shoot the scene myself and got the cast to just say there lines (the last scene was the one I was most happy with).
We had done it we had got a fully 10 minute movie (bar one scene) shoot in 8 hours. It was time to clean up and get everyone home It was a long night and now it was time to start editing.

Part 6 Next Week.

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