Me Before You Review
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Aaron Tansey
June 20, 2016
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Hi Everyone I hope you all are keeping well. I have written quite a few movie reviews in the one and half a year of viewit’s life, and it has being pointed out by a few people that have only being reviewing action movies and comedies and so on or as one viewer has called them, Boys movies. With that in mind I went tot he cinema last week and I got to the counter and the girl asked me if I wanted tickets to the Teenage Mutant Turtles 2 and the look of shock on her face was quite funny when I said no I will be going to see Me Before You tonight. Once the shock wore off I got my tickets and went to my seat expecting the worse and things were made worse when I found out the movies was 1 hour 50 minutes long.

Now that the ordeal was over, I am shocked to say that I actually enjoyed the film. Let me give you the back ground of the movie first. It is based on the best selling novel of the same name. One of the main characters is William Traynor  (Sam Clafin from the Hunger Games) who is a son of a rich family and he has a high powered job and beautiful girlfriend but all that changes when he is knocked down by a motor bike and he is paralysed from the chest down. HIs parents bring him home to take care of him. Thats where Louisa Clark,(Emilia Clark Game of Thrones) comes in. she is hired by the rich family to be a care giver to there son.

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That is the general outlay to the film I can’t really say to much more without giving away the movie, so I will just go onto what I taught of it. First of all I was surprised cause I didn’t hate it. First of all I taught Emilia Clark was very good in this film. I liked here a lot better then her last non Game of Thrones project (Terminator Salivation). She played a bubbly slightly clutsey girl that has to try and find a way through to William’s angry at life character. I taught that Clark and Clafin played well together and gave an over all good performance to make for an enjoyable movie. There was some humour in there as well so its not full on drama for the whole film.

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Over all Im glad that I went to see this movie it was entertaining I would recommend this movie for a date night (sorry lads but you might enjoy it) . I want to say thank you the people giving me crap about the type of movies that I was reviewing cause I would not have gone to see this other wise. I will also keep an open mind on the type of films that I go to see in the future. If you have seen Me Before You let me know what you taught about it by leaving a comment below in the comment box. Thanks for reading until next time Keep on Viewing.

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Sunday Recovery
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Aaron Tansey
June 18, 2016
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If you haven’t read our Sunday Recovery before let me take to tell you about it. At the weekend there are 2 types of people the people who go out on a Saturday night and the ones that don’t go out. So each week I write a blog for the people that stay in on a Saturday night and call it the Saturday Night Stay In Movie, it is what it sounds like, I make a suggestion of a movie to watch, to the people staying in. Well then it was only fare that I do a blog for the people that do go out on a Saturday night and I called it the Sunday Recovery (check out some of the Sunday Recovery Here.) The Sunday Recovery is where I suggest a show to bing on generally it Is going to be on Sky or Netflix and you can spend all day watching it and forgetting about the hang over you are suffering through.

So with that in mind this weeks Sunday Recovery is How I Met Your Mother. Most of you will have heard of How I Met Your Mother, but there might be a small percentage of you who haven’t so I will give you a run down of what it is about. It is set in the future with a father telling his kids about how he met there mother, so the whole show is done in flash backs. There are 5 friends Ted, Marsha, Branny, Lilly, and Robin living in New York and trying to navigate life while trying to find some go throw life with. The show is very funny and the situations they find themselves in makes for good TV.

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My favourite is Branny he Is a womaniser that fails more then he scores and watching the scams he comes up with to try and get women to sleep in as funny as they are scary. I will have to warn you the first 5 seasons are very good but form the sixth season on it is hit and miss but you are already drawing into the show so you can’t stop watching at that stage, so if you do start watching it be prepared to go the whole 9 seasons, you have been warned.

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Have you already watched How I Met You Mother let me know what you taught about the show by leaving a comment in the comment box below. You can also check out other last weeks Sunday Recovery here. If you would like to suggest a show for next weeks Sunday Recovery you can leave your suggestion in the comment box. Thanks for reading until next week keep on Viewing.

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Movies For Valentines Day
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Aaron Tansey
February 11, 2015
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Love is in the air this week and with valentines Day fast approaching I taught it would be a good  idea to give the men out there an idea of what to watch with you better half. Lads sorry about this but this but these are films that the women will like Il try and get a few in their for us as well.

To start off with there is a film coming out the day before valentines, you might have heard about it thats right its Fifty Shades of Grey. My suggestion is ring your local cinema right now and try and book seats for it as there are reports that cinema are selling out all ready, but song worry if you don’t get to see it this weekend I have a few alternative suggestions for you.

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The Lake House is an American romantic drama starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. The plot is that Keanu who plays Alex an Architect living in 2004 and Sandra who play Kate a doctor who lives in 2006. they start communicating viva letters left in a letter box at the lake house where they both lived at separate points in time. Sounds a bit weird, but take a look at the trailer it is a good choice and she will love you for it

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The next film is The Notebook. It stairs Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as a young couple who fall in love in the 1940. It is told as an elderly tell a fellow Patient in a nursing home present day. The film received mixed reviews from critics but went on to do very well at the box-office. Check out the trailer

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next up is Nothing Hill staring Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts Rhys Ifans, Emma Chambers, Tim McInnerny, Gina McKee and Hugh Bonneville. It was released on 21 May 1999 and went on to be the grossing British film that year. Julia Roberts plays a Hollywood superstar  Anna Scott who walks into a travel bookshop owned by William Thacker played by Hugh Grant. they meet again in the streets of Notting Hill and hit it off. This is one that the two of ye could sit through,

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Here is a list of other films that would suit the day

How to lose a guy in 10 days

Dear John

The Vow

Crazy Stupid Love

Leap Year

The Lucky One

2 Weeks Notice

9 Months

License to Wed

If I have left of you favourite film let me know

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