My Film Diary: The Weekend
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Aaron Tansey
December 23, 2015
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Part 2 continued from last week.

I made a short film called The Weekend (check it out here). I wanted to give ye an insight into to what went into the making of The Weekend (check out last weeks blog post here). After I decided to change the script to try and fit the small budget that I had to make the film. I decided to keep the bulk of the script. I took out the possession and made it five friends instead of six friends but I put in an outsider brought by one of the lads. She is an American that he meet in while he was on a J1.  I wrote out a draft of the script and then left it for a week and then I came back to it and read it again, I remember thinking to myself “holy crap there is a lot of sick bits in this”, So I took a lot of the gore out of it (big mistake but more on that later). It took me an other two drafts before I was happy, and when I was happy with it I decided to start looking for the location. I had a few places in mind one of them was the Forrest  Park.

I went up to the Forrest Park on a Sunday to take a look around. It was a good location but I taught that there was too many people camping there I was looking for something a bit more out of the way. The next place I went to Temple House just outside of Ballinacarrow. It was a good location and there would nobody else camping there, there was also a river running beside it, but there was also a very buyses road so it was not ideal for what I wanted so I kept looking. The next place I looked was the one. It had a small river running beside it there was wooded areas around it in was secluded. It was up the Ox Mountains a place called ladies brae.


To make sure it was the right place I went back at night to see what it looked like on camera. When I did this I found a few problems. My camera did not have a good light exposure on it so I had to figure out how to light it and try and find a proper camera, an other thing is even thou there was wooded areas around the camp site it was still very windy and the mic on the camera didn’t have a  a wind breaker to deal with it, so I had to also try and find some sound equipment as well. I had a lot of work to but I was happy with my location so I had to start working on getting my cast together.

Part 3 next week

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