12 shows axed in 24 hours
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Aaron Tansey
May 13, 2016

In what some people in the entertainment industry are calling Bloody Thursday, but what I like to call your Fired Day 12 shows have being axed to make way for the new Autumn line up. So the big five networks in the states (ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, and The CW,). Here are the shows that got canceled.

Agent Carter




Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life

C.S.I Cyber

The Family



The Grinder


The Muppet’s

As you can see there is a few shows that are shown here in Ireland and England that has being canceled. One of the biggest surprises is Castle. Castle was in the new lately because they let go of there leading lady Stana Katic who players Kate Beckett. ABC also gave there leading man (Nathan Fillion) a new one year contract so you can understand if people are shocked to hear of the shows cancellation.


After 4 seasons Nashville has also being canceled along with the Muppet’s who only got one season and Agent Carter who got two seasons but never got the numbers that was hoped. Bad ratings are not the only reason for the shows to be canceled. Each year the networks have to let go of a certain amount of show to make way for the new shows that will debut in the fall schedule which will be announced fully next week.

These are not the only shows that have being canceled this year this has being going on for a few months now you can check out exactly what has being canceled and what has being upped so fare just follow this link to TVLine.

There is one show not mentioned here that has being canceled, Marvels Most Wanted. This was the spin off to Marvels Agents of Shield. ABC ordered a pilot show and had the lead characters Most Wanted (Nick Boold and Adrainne Palicki), written out of Agents of Shield. Then even before they make the pilot is made they cancel the show. it dons’t make scene to me but that’s why I’m not payed a but load of money to make these decisions.

What do you think of the shows that have being canceled let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading until next time keep on Viewing.

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